Here’s What You Need To Learn About Voice Technology

facts about voice technology

The rapid advancement in technology has led to the emergence of a voice-driven computer that went by the name Alexa. This device became the landmark for voice technology. Today, artificial intelligence is no stranger at all; we had Alexa, Android’s Iris, and Apple’s Siri. in fact, voice technology is now used everywhere even in the marketing industry as it helps get things done faster and easier.

Voice Technology

When we talk about voice technology, it is important to note that there are two important components to it namely the speech and the voice recognition. Speech recognition refers to the process of converting spoken words into digital words whereas voice recognition identifies features of speech such as intonation, style, or pitch. While speech depends on the language, voice is independent from it.

Today, speech recognition is used by most, if not all, industries; authors use voice technology for dictation, medical professionals to transcribe notes, and in some cases, diplomats make use of this technology for translations. All this voice technology is powered by artificial intelligence which feeds data through a computer system. There are, however, several considerations to look into so as to avoid committing mistakes when investing in this new technological advancement.


  • Wi-fi Coverage

When you incorporate voice technology such as honeywell vocollect in your company, you have to ensure wi-fi coverage within the areas using the said technology. Storage and office areas must be well connected to the internet; otherwise, you might not be able to use it to its maximum function.

  • Invest in extras

Voice technology does not have a black and white functionality; there are grey areas as there are many extra applications in between. Thus, it is best to invest in voice support, data entry, and other applications on top of the main functions.

  • Changing product labels

The introduction of a new system in the business operation may also require changes in the product labels as well as the locations. This is necessary in order to effectively incorporate the new system into the operations; otherwise, this technology would be useless.

how to manage voice technology in business

  • Learning the system

A training for the employees on how to properly use the system is also necessary. Getting to know the system is important for it to be used optimally. Lack of training may lead to ineffectivity and inefficiency in the operations; moreover, the devices might be used in the wrong manner which could translate to damages for the company.

  • Backing up power outages

When it comes to using advanced technological devices, electricity is a must. Unfortunately, some areas may experience power outages; every company must, therefore, have a backup plan on what must be done during these situations. Otherwise, business operations might be negatively affected.

  • Preparing for system issues

Expect that at some point in time, there may be issues in the system that will occur; certain bugs and glitches cannot be avoided completely. Hence, it is important for the company to have reliable support in these certain situations. Perhaps